11 signs that your dog loves you

11 signs that your dog loves you

Dog owners love their pets and do everything they can to make them feel loved and happy.

Yet, the question most dog owners ask themselves is, “Does my dog love me?”.

The answer is most likely yes, but if you want to be sure, here are the signs that your dog loves you.

What are the signs that your dog loves you?


Dogs lick their family Why is My Cat Suddenly So Affectionate? the time. When your dog licks you, it means he loves you!

When dogs are puppies, their mothers lick them to communicate with them and to bathe them.

Puppies usually lick back as well. Your dog licks you as a sign of affection and comfort; it’s his instinct to do so.

However, he may also lick you because he likes the taste of your salty skin.


This is another instinct that dogs develop at an early age. As puppies, they snuggle up to their family for warmth and protection.

If they sense that you are someone they can trust, they will cuddle with you as they did with their mother and siblings.

When dogs cuddle, they also release oxytocin. This is a hormone that calms and comforts your dog in times of stress.

Sleeping in your bed

This is a good sign of affection and means your dog feels like you are part of the family. Your dog trusts you enough to sleep next to you.

He loves you, trusts you, and wants your body heat to sleep on.

He stays close to your scent
Once your dog gets to know and love you, he doesn’t want to be without you. Dogs have a scent that allows them to recognize you.

If you leave the house and find that your dog is snuggled up in your dirty clothes or bed sheets. He’s using your scent to make himself comfortable while you’re away.

Following you around

Your dog following you around is a clear sign of affection because he wants to be with you all the time.

Some breeds are more prone to this type of behavior, but they always do it for love.

Your dog would rather be with you than with other humans, dogs, or even himself.

It is flattering that your dog loves you so much. But you must be careful not to let your dog do this all the time.

If he gets too attached, he won’t be able to live without you!

Eye contact

When dogs make eye contact with their owners, it releases oxytocin. This is a hormone that comforts your dog.

If you and your dog can make eye contact for long periods, it means you have a strong bond with your dog.


If your dog greets you with a raised eyebrow and a big, relaxed smile, it means he’s happy to see you.

The enthusiasm with which he greets you is a good indicator of his love for you.

Wagging the tail

Most of the time, dogs have their tails in a resting position. Dogs only change their tail movement or position if they feel an emotion.

Like raised eyebrows, a dog that wags its tail when it sees you are a sign that it is happy to see you and open to interaction.

If your dog is happy to see you, it means he loves you and is eager to spend time with you.

Negative emotions usually result in a lowering of the tail. If a dog is nervous around someone, it will lower its tail beyond its normal state.

If a dog thinks someone is scary, it will tuck its tail between its legs.


Studies show that if your dog yawns when you yawn, he has an emotional connection to you. Just like when a human yawn and another human yawns right after.

It’s a sign that your dog loves you and that you have a strong bond.

Sharing toys

If your dog approaches you and drops his favorite toy, then walks away without expecting to play with you.

He wants you to enjoy his favorite toy as much as he does. Your dog loves you, and he wants to give you joy by giving you the toys he enjoys the most.

Petting on the belly

When a dog rolls over and shows his sensitive belly, it’s a sign of trust from a dog to a human.

It’s also a sign that your dog is relaxing in your presence, and he may let his guard down and get into a vulnerable position.

If your dog trusts you this much and is this relaxed in your presence, he loves you!
When dogs meet a new person, it takes time to get to know and trust them before they can relax in their presence.
Your dog lets you rub his belly because he loves you and knows that you love him and won’t hurt him.
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