18-year-old dog, missing for 3 years, finally comes home.

18-year-old dog, missing for 3 years, finally comes home

An 18-year-old dog arrived at a community shelter called Dorchester Paws severely malnourished and covered in hair. His nails were too long, he was covered in fleas and his teeth were rotting.

Staff members immediately rushed to help the dog, who was in desperate need of immediate assistance. The dog was checked for a microchip, and it was discovered that the dog, named Binky, had a family six hours away from the shelter.

Lanea Wilson, head of animal welfare at Dorchester Paws, said Binky’s story, while heartbreaking, shows us the importance of microchipping.

As it turned out, Binky was gone before 3 years. It was a happy ending for everyone – the dog, the shelter and the owners.

Wilson said he was thrilled to help reunite the dog with his family. They even sent the dog to his family with a volunteer on a 6-hour trip! Watch the video below.

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