The cruelty of some hearts: We came to him, and gave him some love and hope, and he smiled and accepted

This puppy is in Beypazarı Çayıran. People hit him on the jaw and legs. All of this prevented him from eating or walking normally. He wandered like this for many days and finally collapsed. Life on the street is not safe for a weak dog like him. But we won’t let him be left behind. We go to him, giving him some warmth of love and hope.

He took it and smiled at us. My dear puppy has arrived in Beypazarı Çayran. Because the blow to the mouth had lasted so long, a ferocious infection had occurred. The smell was extremely strong, making everyone feel uncomfortable. Immediately after a general examination, we clean your entire oral cavity. We called him Golden, his general condition was very bad.

The inside of the mouth and throat were examined in detail under a light sedative. The injection was performed. Blood tests showed high levels of infection. He ate tonight and needs to fast until noon tomorrow for the next tests. Your treatment has begun. Then I could eat and drink water. The general condition is good. The gel will be applied throughout the oral cavity over time. Once the injury goes away, he would undergo minor surgery.

I hope Golden recovers. We would like to thank everyone who called to check on him and support him. Sometimes we sit on the same bench on the corner of the street, sometimes we sit under the shade of a tree… Sometimes we meet under the porch in the pouring rain, sometimes on the grass overlooking the sea. .. Remember, this world is home for all of us! Therefore, may all creatures live in joy and happiness.

Our dreams and my joy now point towards Gold. Sometimes we feel resentful, I feel tired. But thinking about Golden made us feel more comfortable. His health is very good and he is about to be adopted. “Try to leave the bad things behind.” because life is too short. Everything good we do will surely come back to us.

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