People jeered at the strange behavior of the dog, unaware of this painful past!

People laughed and scoffed at the dog’s strange behavior. Little did they know that behind this behavior lay a painful past! The dog was found in the street, standing on its two front legs alone. People thought the dog was just playing, and nobody cared! But one kind-hearted person recorded the scene and approached the dog.

He was surprised to find that both of the dog’s back legs appeared to be broken! Without hesitation, the rescuer took the dog to the vet. The result showed that both hind legs and the lower part of the body were completely paralyzed.

The bones were broken and had not been treated, resulting in misalignment of the whole body. Unfortunately, the dog had probably been mistreated or had had an accident! Yet nobody helped him, simply because they thought he was playing. It’s hard to imagine how much the dog suffered being left alone and enduring the pain! And to go through a long period of inability to walk normally!

This pain also chilled the dog’s soul! He lost confidence in humans and in what they were doing to themselves. The dog was no longer friendly and close to people!m. But the rescue team and vets changed the dog. From treatment to care, they did everything with care. They understood how much the dog was trying to overcome life’s difficulties! So they gave him lots of love. Day after day, a month went by and the dog was back on his feet.

A wheelchair was fitted to replace the broken legs! Rambo happily accepted his new legs and joined in the joy of the other rescued dogs. He also accepted the truth that there are still many animal-loving people out there. These are the people who rescued him, nursed him, cared for him and are following him through this video. We wish Rambo a healthy and happy life! Thank you for being kind enough to follow Rambo’s story! Don’t forget to give him a Like and cheer him on below! Thank you, and see you soon in future rescue stories.

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