Abused Dog Who Spent Her Life Chained Was Adopted By A Family “She Grew Up Shy And Depressed”

Aʙusᴇd Dog Who Spent Her Life Chained Was Adopted By A Family: “She Grew Up Shy And Depressed”.

This canine was named Wolfie and now enjoys the company of a family, after leaving her unfortunate past behind.

Owning a dog is as big a responsibility as raising a child . They are living beings that suffer from lack of attention just as a person would , so those who are not prepared to assume this task in the correct way, it is better not to have pets , to avoid unfortunate cases such as Lady’s .

This little dog had been subjected to a life of aʙusᴇ and ɴᴇԍʟᴇcт by her former owner. The dog was permanently chained in the house’s patio. It was not an ideal location because it was muddy and flooded when it rained.

However, this situation seemed to matter very little to his caretaker , because he did nothing to give Lady a better living condition . PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) activists tried to rescue her pet, but the owner refused.

“She was desperately alone and was kept in a muddy area that flooded when it rained. “For years, PETA field workers have visited her and tried to persuade her owner to turn her over,” PETA said in a YouTube video.

Over time, Lady grew more shy and depressed . She sometimes she didn’t even leave her house,” she added. However, after a lot of work to relate to Lady and try to convince her owner, they were able to rescue her from her. “Eventually, persistence paid off, and after her owner agreed to let PETA have her, her entire world changed,” she explained.

After a recovery process, the dog left behind her old life and even her old name. A family of hers opened their home to her and she named it Wolfie von Fluffer Bottom , which she seems to love because she runs happily whenever she finds one of her new owners .

Her whole life changed for the better thanks to the work of these activists and the sweet family that welcomed her. In the following video, an original PETA publication with English text, you can see Lady’s transformation into Wolfie and how things improved for her.

All abandoned dogs deserve a second chance, like Wolfie .

Watch video bellow:

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