A guy rescued a “dog” from frigid water, but he was in for a surprise

A building crew saw a dog struggling to get out of the cold Pärnu River in Estonia. They resolved to assist him.

Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamäe, and Erki Väli collaborated to rescue this unhappy animal and get it ashore. They then placed a towel over him to keep him warm.

One of the three said that it was pretty heavy and that they had to carry it up the hill.

They quickly phoned a rescue agency and rushed the animal to the doctor.

The specialists said that this animal was very shy and submissive because it had low blood pressure.

It was also unclear to the veterinarians what they were holding, until the hunter from that location informed them that they were really saving the wolf.

The Estonian animal protection organisation posted on social media that the wolf was exhausted when they arrived at the coast. He was paralyzed for a long period. Then a young guy rushed to get a towel as quickly as possible. The wolf was soon placed in the vehicle to warm up, and the animal protection group was contacted.

It was vital for the union to reflect on the scenario, which is what to do in the early hours when you have an unlucky dog in front of you, which may be a wolf.

EUPA told the media that they were glad it was all over and thanked everyone who was involved, especially the people who helped save this poor animal.

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