A Man Picked up his Dog from a Lake and cried but A Girl Suddenly came and made a miracle

The owner picked him up from the lake and cry on his body! The dog drowned while swimming and playing in the lake The owner was so sad that he could only cry!

But a girl came over and tried something! I don’t know is there any chance, but she did one thing that made everyone admire.

The owner still can’t believe his eyes and still wants the girl to leave the dog alone But the girl continued! She has a certain strong belief! Do you believe in God? Do you believe in miracles?

On the next attempt, everyone contributed to help the girl The girl’s determination changed everyone’s mind! CPR is applied as quickly as possible to save the dog immediately! Everyone is anxiously waiting…

The moment the dog vomited water and opened its eyes made everyone happy! Thanks God! Thank you kind girl with strong faith! Miracles happen all over the world! It will happen even more if we try to make it! Thank you! See you in the next rescue stories!

Watch video bellow:

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