A street dog with a torn eye learns what it is to feel loved

A street dog with a torn eye learns what it is to feel loved.

When Animal Aid Unlimited in India heard about an injured street dog that needed help, they immediately sent rescuers to the scene.

The rescuers discovered a poor dog, Penny, who had been involved in a car accident. Life is hard for a street dog, especially in a country like India where stray populations have exploded.

According to the Humane Society, India is home to more than 30 million street dogs (and also has the highest human rabies mortality rate in the world).

With so many dogs vying for space, food and survival, getting injured as a stray can lead to immense suffering, up to and including an untimely death. This would probably have been the case for Penny if Animal Aid Unlimited had not stepped in to help her.

When rescuers found Penny, they immediately noticed that she was suffering from a ruptured eye.

They rushed her to their hospital for an examination and discovered that the rest of her face was intact, despite the car accident. Her eye, however, was beyond repair and had to be removed.

Despite the loss of her eye, Penny’s future was bright for once, and she seemed to know it. After only one day in the emergency hospital, Penny began to relax and trust the people around her. She was coming out of her shell!

After recovering from surgery, penny really began to blossom into a beautiful, playful dog. The shelter summed it up well when they said, “Love is seen with the heart, not the eyes. The surgery saved Penny from unthinkable pain. Her vision is reduced, but love is seen in the heart.”

Penny is now a fun, energetic dog with so much love to give! Her whole life has been transformed in the best way possible, and she will never have to live on the streets again.

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