A Street Dog’s Tail Won’t Stop Wagging for the Duration of Its Recovery

A street dog’s tail won’t stop wagging for the duration of its recovery.

Oaty is “no ordinary little dog with mange,” says Animal Aid Unlimited in India. The little dog was very scared when they arrived to rescue him, but the “second he was in our arms on the treatment table,” Oaty was very grateful.

As soon as they started administering the treatment, “Oaty’s tail started wagging and seriously, it didn’t stop for the entire month that he was recovering with us,” his rescuers write.

The tail of this gentle street dog has become a reason to smile for her caregivers. So much so that they share the impact he had on them. “Every time he received a little attention, he rewarded it with strokes of his long, wand-like tail, as if he were the conductor of a symphony of pure sweetness.

Watch the video below:

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