A tired boy and his cow lose at the milk show, fall asleep and win the Internet!

A tired boy and his cow lose at the milk show, fall asleep and win the Internet!

Beautiful photo: I love that these two are asleep and showing their love for each other!

Your cow loves you. That’s the only important thing.

It’s so good to see that some people really care about their cows and love them!

A 15-year-old boy, Mitchell Miner, and his cow Audri recently competed in the Iowa State Fair dairy kettle show.
Despite their hard work and effort, they only finished fifth out of seven. Exhausted, the duo was taking a nap, when the boy’s father walked in and took a photo of them snuggling. The photo was shared, and immediately, the photo of a 15-year-old boy taking a sweet nap with his cow went viral!

They are both truly blessed and will be for a very long time.

Jeremy Miner, Mitchell’s father, said, “The family is borrowing animals for the summer so their children can learn about life on the farm. We learned a lot on the farm. These values were instilled in us and we try to do what we can to preserve them.

As for Audri, the nap cow, she will return to the dairy farm as soon as the shows are over.
They have each other! They have more love and respect for each other than people!!! They love their animals and their animals love them!

He may have lost at the fair, but he definitely won in the friendship department. Parents can be proud!

This is how we should treat animals, loving and caring for them as God intended.
This tells us that all of God’s creations are capable of love.

Watch the video below to learn more about this inspiring story of companionship:

H/t: Boredpanda – Jeremy Miner

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