Abandoned Dogs Found In The Sewers Kept Each Other Company For Weeks

Abandoned dogs found in the sewers kept each other company for weeks

When Elded Hagar, founder of the California-based Hope For Paws shelter, received a call about a pair of brother-and-sister poodles living under a freeway, he had no idea how difficult it would be to rescue them.

He and another volunteer, Vanessa Enriquez, found the dogs in a sewer tunnel under a Los Angeles freeway. A kind family had left food and water for the little dogs, but they were terrified of humans.


Hagar and Enriquez blocked off one side of the tunnel so they could reach the dogs, then began to slowly crawl closer and closer to the frightened couple.

Both dogs used to be white, but life in the sewers had turned their fur dull and gray. The brother and sister hugged each other as the strangers got closer.


But Hagar spoke in a calm, soothing voice, assuring the dogs that he was there to help them.

He and Enriquez gently put leashes around the dogs’ necks and began to lead them out of their little corner.


The boy, who was protecting his sister, began to get used to the rescuers and slowly approached them, but the girl stayed back, still scared and unsure of what was going on.

Hagar gently stepped forward and stroked her to calm her down.

Slowly but surely, the volunteers coaxed the frightened dogs to follow them out of the sewer tunnel where they were living, while crawling on all fours through the garbage and empty bottles.

And gradually, the dogs began to accept that these people were there to help them. Eventually, even the wary sister allowed herself to be pulled into Enriquez’s lap.


And then, finally, Hagar and Enriquez reached the end of the tunnel, stepping out into the light with the two dogs. They were still scared, but they seemed to understand that they were saying goodbye to their lonely life in the sewers for good.

Hagar rushed the dogs to a veterinary clinic, where they received the care they needed, including beauty treatments! Hagar stayed with them while they received baths and haircuts, officially saying goodbye to their old life.

Hagar decided to call the siblings Cola and Pepsi.


After a good spa day, Cola and Pepsi were like completely different dogs. Clean, happy and playful, they were bouncing around with the humans who had rescued them just hours before.

Cola and Pepsi even had a very special visit: the family that had left them food and water bowls to help them survive stopped by to say hello.

No one could hold back their smiles, including Cola and Pepsi.


The two little dogs are now safe and happy, but still need a home. Cola and Pepsi are available for adoption from Maltese Rescue California.

Even though they are still waiting for a home for their lives, Cola and Pepsi already have a very happy ending under their belt. Well done guys, you deserve it.

Watch their whole rescue here:

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