Abandoned In A Crate In A Desolate Field, Skin Burnt Laying In Urine, Bones Protrude Frail Body

Junie was found in a horrific situation we’ve ever seen.,abandoned in a crate in a desolate field, left there to die.

She was unresponsive with burns from laying in urine.,her hair was dyed pink and purple – indicator of abuse,her eyes have ulcers, she is dangerously dehydrated.m,her electrolytes are off, body temperature isn’t registering,her skin is severely infected, bones protrude frail body.

Her Red Blood Cell count is dropping significantly, her PCV levels have been between 17-19% much lower than normal – increased risk of seizures, Junie is also unable to maintain her glucose levels, so she still got dextrose to help maintain her blood sugar, even in pain, Junie still wagged her tail to show her love, her muscle mass has wasted away from starvation.

After a day of extensive care, Junie got stabilized a bit, however, she still has that blood clot that poses risks, so Junie still live with blood transfusion for few days, her original kidney values indicated minor kidney failure.

She can’t get into that position on her own properly yet, but in her eyes, we know she wants to fight to live,her sodium levels are still too high to read on a machine, but her kidney numbers are starting to normalize. Junie now is able to hold herself up one whole minute, wagged her little tail accepted the love that given to her, a week in our care, Junie is exceeding all expectation.

She is eating well, stabilize and walking around healthily, Junie story went viral, she got to go to meet her fans, smile again on Junie’s face, Junie now with so much love around her. it just together saved a her from a life of severe abuse.

Watch video bellow:

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