Abandoned next to the oil pipeline, he is paralyzed in both legs due to severe calcium deficiency

We found him lying next to an oil pipeline. His hind legs are paralyzed and he has many wounds. We took him to the hospital right away. His condition is quite bad, his health is deteriorating. He was out of breath and lay still. We are still waiting for the doctor to come, the doctor is looking at another dog. 15 minutes later, he was taken to the X-ray room.

According to the X-ray results, there was no fracture in his bone. Therefore, the doctor should do other tests. After a blood test showed that he was severely calcium deficient He caused his joints to develop abnormally Then the doctor asked us to take him to another clinic for treatment This new clinic has a doctor who specializes in treating bone and joint problems when he comes here he will be treated better I hope he gets better soon Here the doctor gave him a special room for treatment The doctor told us that he may have been locked in a cage other than calcium deficiency.

very long So he leaves his legs almost completely paralyzed The muscles in his legs are weakened from being inactive for too long At the same time his condition has worsened due to malnutrition So the treatment will take quite a long time So the doctor told us to take time to take care of him We agreed and started preparing the necessary things for him And We prepared all the food for him as the doctor ordered.

After 2 weeks, his health was much better . Lying down like before Everyone is happy to see this, hope he gets better soon Thank you for always being there for him…

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