After Being Stuck for Days With Its Head Inside a Container, the Weak, Stunted Animal Was Saved

After Being Stuck for Days With Its Head Inside a Container, the Weak, Stunted Animal Was Saved.


A group of amateur photographers documented the plight of the animal, which had been wandering for who knows how long with its head caught in a plastic container that prevented it from eating, and alerted the authorities, saving the stunted wolf from certain death.

The incident occurred near a lake in Nagpur, when a group of photographers were out on a field trip to photograph local birds and Indian wolves, an endangered species that is endangered by residents’ ignorance of its existence.

A young wolf, extremely puny and weak, with its head stuck in a plastic container, caught their attention. Tanay Panpalia, a 26-year-old accountant from Nagpur, and his buddies were taking pictures when they saw wolves coming.


They deduced that the animal was in danger because of its stumbling and frailty. Tanay and his friends surmised that because he was underweight compared to the other animals in the herd, his head had probably been stuck for days or even weeks, preventing him from getting enough to eat.

Since there were only three of them and they could be attacked at any time, Tanay made the decision to move toward the wolf while keeping a safe distance from the other pack members.

To seek expert help to save the sick animal, they called the Nagpur forest department. A rescue team arrived on the scene a few hours later to handle the situation and relieve the wolf of its suffering.


It was a plastic container, the type that local farmers frequently use in their homes to store food. Unused containers are often thrown away by villagers, which can lead to accidents with wild animals.

Authorities concluded that the wolf had stuck his head into the container to consume some leftover food, and when he tried to remove it, he was unable to do so. It was fortunate that there were openings in the container that allowed it to breathe and drink water; otherwise, it would have perished within a few days.

Nagpur forest officials subdued the animal with rescue equipment while they removed the jar from its head.

The wolf was so helpless that it barely made an effort to fight back. He was freed in a short time. The rescuers gave him some water to bring his body temperature down, then let him return to his pack.


“The entire rescue effort, which took nearly three hours, was worth it. I was disappointed to see such a beautiful animal get stuck and almost perish because of human ignorance. Tanay Panpalia, who followed him, told the press, “I documented the whole episode so that people would be more aware of the impact of their waste on wildlife.

He is not the only animal whose life has been affected by the waste that we, the people, irresponsibly deposit in wild areas. Fortunately, this wolf survived this terrible ordeal.

Share this heroic rescue with your friends to help them understand the harm that improper waste disposal does to other animals.


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