Mother Dog Digs A Grave For Her Puppies After Failing To Revive It!

A mother dog digs a grave for her puppies after failing to revive her ….

This heartbreaking story happened in Suzhou, Anhui province, China. This mother dog lost her puppies shortly after giving birth. The pain of losing a child is indescribable.

It seems that the mother dog cannot accept the truth, she lies down next to the shallow grave she dug for the puppies and does not let anyone bury them. She even lifts the puppies with her mouth several times and shakes them, but the puppies never wake up.

Although it is very sad, sometimes we have to accept the fact that miracles will not happen.

The owner of the mother dog, Mr. Qin, said that both puppies died shortly after the mother’s delivery, and he was also sad that both puppies did not survive.

He tried to remove the dead puppies from their mother’s mouth and comfort her by patting her head, but the mother stayed with her puppies. Qin was speechless and could only stay by her side, comforting her during this difficult moment.

The loss of a puppy can destroy any mother bitch. If one of the many puppies in the litter dies, the mother bitch puts her grief aside and focuses on caring for the others. But because this bitch had lost all her pups, her grief was even greater. The dog showed sadness, loss of appetite, and loss of purpose in her life.

Let’s hope that the mama dog will be able to overcome this trying and painful time soon! Please say a prayer for the puppies in heaven.

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