A dog was found in a building just before she collapsed after giving birth

A dog was found in a building just before she collapsed after giving birth

There are street dogs in almost every city in the world. The World Health Organization says there are about 200 million of them. The problem of stray animals is real, and so are the dangers and lack of safety they face. This was saddeningly shown by the story of a dog who gave birth to her babies on a construction site and almost fell over. You might be also interested in.

Roqui, the happy puppy that is now slowly passing away, asks for help.

Animal Aid India, an animal rescue group in this country, found the dog. They were able to take the mother dog and her babies and take them to the vet. Sadly, many homeless dogs end up staying in dangerous places like this because they have nowhere else to go.

A witness called the animal shelter because she wanted to help the mother and her puppies, who had just had a hard and scary birth and would need medical care to get better.

Once the mother had slept for a few days, the babies were fine and would grow up healthy and strong. The dog would also be spayed or neutered once her puppies were no longer dependent on her milk. This would keep the number of stray animals from growing.

“The day he asked me for help, she threw herself at my feet as if to say, I can’t take it anymore.”

Thanks to the work of everyone involved, this dog and her puppies will have much better lives in the future. And they will have the good life they always deserved and so desperately needed.

Through social networks, the group asks people from India and all over the world to pay attention to construction and demolition sites, where animals in need of help can rest.


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