This cat was raised as a Husky and now considers himself a big and brave dog

This cat was rescued and raised as a husky, now she considers herself a big and brave dog.

The friendship between a dog and a cat is one of the most adorable. We have presented you with enough stories to prove that dogs and cats can be the best of friends.

There is no such thing as a dog imitating a cat, but many kittens like to feel stronger and show a dog-like attitude. We have a similar situation in this story.

One day, a helpless little kitten named Kozy was dumped in the street, helpless and confused.

But fortunately, he was saved by an owner of three huskies, with whom he grew up. Today, Kozy is already an adult cat, who considers himself a big and bold dog like his “brothers”.

We take a look at her. She really feels like part of this other family.

But that’s not surprising, because they grew up together.

Kozy likes to show a bossy character and feel bigger than she is. This cat can’t imagine her life without her big brothers.

She loves to play with them, show off her supple body tricks and just enjoy their company.

Kozy is safe, and perhaps the security that her dog brothers give her, makes the cat feel much more confident than she is.

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