A Brave Little Puppy Gets Rescued. His Recovery Will Inspire You

Little Golu is just 45 days old puppy found crying in pain & unable to move, but the pup is in dire need of medical Attention with Diarrhea, Nasal discharge & Vomiting continuously.

No one help him for days, he’s collapsed there and laid there in pain. I was informed about the pup & raced to the hospital as soon as possible. On Physical Examination vets discovered low body temperature, Blood Pathology reflects very high Infection rate & Anemia & thrombocytosis.

Golu treatment is going to be long & until complete recovery he will be in hospital, This little puppy is definitely a fighter!

Day 4: Golu is recovering in hospital… what’s shocking I came to know from doctors today is Golu is Blind from both the eyes. He can’t see ppl around that’s the reason for possible whining!

Day 8: Golu is in good recovery. We can not waiting to see he’s healthy and transform to a happy dog. and His vision problem improve a lot.

Day 10:  Today is Golu’s special day, he was adopted by Eeshita Suraksha Vijay Desai! Hopefully, he will have a good life with a wonderful adoptive mother.

Watch the video below for the full story!


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