A Dσg Suffers Frσm A Giaпt Tumσr His owпer Cσuldп’t Affσrd Tσ Treat Him Uпtil A Wσmaп Met Him

A dog suffers from a giant tumor His owner couldn’t afford to treat him until a woman met him.

This is Kungfu. He is over 7 years old. He was suffering from a massive tumor under his abdomen. A woman saw him walking on the road to Saiyang Sai-Pakphra while she was driving. She took pity on him and stopped the car to look for his owner.

His owner could not afford to pay for his treatment but she was happy with everyone’s help to save Kungfu’s life. She decided to give Kungfu to the veterinary team in Nakhon Sawan. Kungfu is finally at the vet. He has a good appetite. The doctor said that the tumor had not yet grown in his lung so they could remove it.

Watch the video bellow:

Source: YouTube 

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