A Stray Puppy From the Pyrenees Finds Himself in a Tricky Situation After Clinging to a Cactus

A stray puppy from the Pyrenees finds himself in a tricky situation after clinging to a cactus.

Poor Tumbleweed! The 5-month-old Pyrenean puppy was found stuck on a cactus and rushed to the Arizona Humane Society hospital.

Nina, an AHS emergency animal medicine technician, spotted the puppy on an outing. The poor pup was covered in brambles and thorns from the nasty cactus.

Fortunately, Nina was able to free him and bring him help.

The veterinary team found that the dog’s long fur had become so entangled in the cactus brambles that they had to shave him and remove all the prickly objects.

Although Tumbleweed looked confused as to what was going on, he was “sweet” throughout the “ordeal.”

“Throughout the ordeal, Tumbleweed’s kindness never wavered,” they wrote on Facebook. “The sweet pup waited patiently as the veterinary team slowly removed the painful spines from his entire body.”

It didn’t take long for the pup to find a new home. A week after being rescued and offered for adoption, Tumbleweed found a new home.

Watch video bellow:


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