A dog that had been put up for adoption due to a chronic illness found a home with a young girl who knew how to love him

This furry dog had been adopted before, but was difficult to care for so he was returned. For months, no one would give him a chance, until she finally found someone who wanted him.

The American rescue group Humane Rescue Alliance was once again willing to take in Fiona, as they don’t believe in giving up the puppies they rescue. The furry woman began to show symptoms characteristic of crush syndrome, including hair loss, frequent urination, the need for expensive medication and a protruding stomach.

For all these reasons, she seemed like an attractive possibility for families looking to adopt a dog. Although she was adopted in January of this year, she returned to the shelter in August. Even though they knew it would be difficult, the volunteers persisted in trying to get her adopted.

Monica Whitaker’s five-year-old daughter, Myanni, wanted a cat. When they first saw Fiona, they were concerned that she might be pregnant. They gave the woman specific information about her special and precarious situation when she asked them, answering “no.” She explained all the special care she needed, and they understood that this was the main obstacle to adoption.

Myanni was given a slice of cheese by a volunteer, which she shredded and presented to Fiona after her answer. The girl then knelt down to pet the dog. The girl ignored this and gave the hairy lady the entire slice of cheese in hopes of making her happy right away.

Her mother started crying as soon as her daughter decided to take the puppy home. Because her 19-year-old son, who was in an accident at age six and has a speech and developmental disability, had been through this, Monica understood what it felt like to be rejected.

Knowing what Fiona had been through, she was able to adopt a sweet dog instead of a cat. After 120 days of the furry little girl’s presence, everyone in the animal rescue group was grieving the next morning.

Fiona immediately felt at home as Monica’s oldest son took her for a walk every day and let her relax on the couch. She effectively takes Myanni’s place as the head of the new family.

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