Abandoned Border Collie Whose Dirty Fur Held a Painful Secret is Now Living His Best Life

An abandoned border collie whose dirty fur hid a painful secret is now living his best life.

Warning: some of Nulli’s graphic injuries are shown.

When Nulli’s former owner lost his job, he went looking for another one and left Nulli behind. While trying to find food, Nulli approached other dogs who violently attacked him.

He was a good, loyal dog and did not leave his home despite the fact that there was no one to take care of him. That’s when Sidewalk Specials was called in.

The dog shelter in Cape Town, South Africa, took Nulli to the vet and was appalled by what they found. Underneath his fur, he had been bitten hundreds of times and the damage was far more extensive than originally thought. But looking at him now, you’d never think Nulli had been injured!

Nulli has found a wonderful family and can now run on the beach, play with his furry sibling and get lots of hugs from his family.

It is wonderful to see Nulli healed, beautiful and loved.

Watch video bellow:

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