This Doberman heroically passed away while protecting his owner’s loved ones from four deadly Mountain Cobras

A Doberman dog belonging to a male species fought with four mountain cobras for hours to save eight members of his master’s family. The brave dog killed all the snakes, but unfortunately, died due to the repeated poisonous stings. The incident took place in Sebekapur village under Raygada block of Gajapati district, about 400 km from the present location.

The snakes attempted to sneak into Dibakar Raita’s house, but the guarding Doberman prevented their entry, leading to a bloody fight that lasted for hours. The pet animal and snakes were seen brawling, and blood could be seen spilling onto the patio.

Dibakar, who had brought the Doberman a few months ago, expressed his shock at the dog’s sacrifice and said that he would always remember him. The news of the brave dog spread quickly, and hundreds of people from nearby areas rushed to Sebakpur village to pay their respects.

Sebakpur village is situated on a foothill, and its residents often face the problem of wild animals and reptiles sneaking into their houses and sheds, owing to the surrounding shrubs and forests, watch video bellow:


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