Months Passed, His Health Deteriorated Because Missed Owner So Much, No Strength to Cry for Help

Meet Eliseu! He remained faithful, missing the previous owner who moved. As the months passed, Eliseu’s health deteriorated due to her longing for her owner. Fatigue consumed him, leaving him brittle like a dried leaf. Eliseu’s condition worsened and she found herself on the verge of death.

He was weak and weak, incapable of summoning help, yet he fought valiantly, refusing to give up. Weighing only 2 kg, Eliseu was severely anemia and needed a blood transfusion.

We stayed with him all night, praying for this little soul. Despite her hunger and fatigue, Eliseu continued to persevere, monitoring her own blood sugar and temperature—a remarkable sign of her resilience.

Day 3: Hope began to tremble as Eliseu ate her favorite paste. Brave cat persisted, managed his blood sugar and kept his fever on his own. Eliseu would live, but her new stepmother needed help.

Day 6: With unwavering conviction, we stood by Eliseu, believing that she chose to stay with us.

Day 14: Eliseu gently squeezed our fingers as a token of gratitude, no longer as tense as before, instead holding on tightly. He was stabilized, his fever remained stable. His eye began to heal and it made him look at life again.

Day 20: Grateful Marilucy Pereira warmed Eliseu in the hot sun, drying her fragile body. Eliseu ventured out for the first time.

Day 35: The bond between Eliseu and Marilucy Pereira was a beautiful exchange filled with love and understanding.

Day 50: Eliseu gradually learned to walk; This sight brought great joy to all who witnessed it. Eliseu improved day by day, steadily gaining weight and strength.

Day 72: Developed under Marilucy Pereira’s care, reaching a healthy 4.2kg. Her love was the catalyst for Eliseu’s rebirth and gave her a second chance at life.

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