Just left Vet, The Owner Threw Him in The Landfill, Alone Helplessly Dog Miraculously Survived

Meet Snowball! He was thrown in the trash, he was completely helpless. His owner refused to treat the boy. Snowball’s illness was getting worse and worse. On the way home from the clinic. The owner threw Snowball in the trash. Snowball was so weak that he couldn’t stand up, convulsing.

He was just a skeleton, eaten by a swarm of fleas. He’s alive, he’s spent the night on the street. He is struggling to survive. Snowball spends all his remaining strength to eat. He doesn’t want to die. Save this poor baby’s life. Snowball was taken to a veterinary hospital. Snowball is a good guy, he’s a real fighter.

According to the results of the MRI, the spine was protruding in the neck area and bleeding in the brain. I pray every minute. Why did they abuse him? People advised us to put him to eternal sleep. But no. I’m determined to pull him out of hell. Fortunately, there is still feeling in the legs, although the whole body is stiff. Legs can’t even bend.

How to save his life. Snowball is at the clinic, the doctor is trying every day. Every day is a challenge for us. A little stronger, the dog loves to be petted. The dog can sit up. A big step for Snowball. We were on the right track. Hope the dog can get up in the next days..

Day 45: The dog was able to stand up and move on its own. We thank God for these miracles. Although we are still weak, we are really excited. Day 63: Snowball, our beautiful angel is completely healthy. Now he can run as fast as other dogs. Our boundless happiness to see him happy.

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