Shelter Pit Bulls Comforting Each Other With Hugs Find A Loving Family Together

Shelter Pit Bulls Comforting Each Other With Hugs Find A Loving Family Together.

The Pima Animal Care Center in Tuscon, Arizona, shared the touching history of Agatha and Jukebox, two stray pit bulls that had fallen on hard times for two different reasons. Agatha had been abandoned by her family, and Jukebox had stumbled into the shelter by chance.

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Soon after they arrived, two-year-old Agatha and one-year-old Jukebox exchanged sniffs in the play area and quickly grew close. Since no one offered to adopt any of the dogs, they grew inseparable within a few months, sharing a kennel and sleeping in a single little bed.

The staff at the shelter immediately realized that placing the two dogs to be adopted together would be a difficult task but that it was the fairest thing to do for them.



Even though they were the nicest dogs ever, how many people would want to adopt a duo of pit bulls? It may be frightful just to see two pit bulls together.

They waited, but just long enough for Agatha and Jukebox’s situation to be publicly reported. Applications to adopt the two together flooded the shelter swiftly after footage of them napping and cuddling together captured the hearts of people all over the world.

Since then, the two have made themselves at home with Erin and Ubaldo, their human parents, and they have continued to show their family love.

They now have all they need, including each other and a ton of love, to enjoy their lives to the fullest thanks to the Pima Animal Care Center, the employees, dog lovers, and, of course, their family.

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