Balloon Face Can’t Breath Or Bark As His Neck Was Tied By A Rope Since He Was A Puppy

Azai wandered on streets with a rope tied around his neck. It was so tight that it almost reached the trachea. They have seen him for more than a month in this condition.

Surely they tied that rope when he was a puppy. As he grew, it had become a source of unimaginable suffering We was very shocked that his tail moved. He did not show distrust or aggressiveness.

We started by improving his wounds. Then the skin on his neck will be reconstructed with a surgery. After the rope was removed, Azai’s wounds were cleaned and treated with care. His face is still swollen. Vet confirmed that the rope caused severe damage to his neck It constricted his breathing & threatened to damage trachea.

The first step was to relieve Azai of the painful burden he had carried for so long. His face had become extremely swollen due to the extensive damage inflicted by the tight rope. It made it hard for him to breathe and we had to use many ways to give her oxygen.

Azai was provided with a safe and comfortable place to recover Days passed, and Azai’s recovery progressed steadily. His swollen face gradually returned to normal As Azai’s face healed, his spirit soared. His eyes sparkled with a newfound joy.

He really enjoys the life in the shelter. She no longer carried the weight of her painful past . The smile shows in his face again. He has many new friends. Azai loves cuddling a lot.

Watch the Video bellow:

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