Blinded By Attacker, She Held Out Her Paw and Begs Woman To Take Away The Hurt

Blinded By Attacker, She Held Out Her Paw and Begs Woman To Take Away The Hurt

Two Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR) volunteers discovered a human being lying in the grass while feeding stray animals in a nearby community.

As they approached, they noticed a dog that appeared to be in trouble.

The poor dog’s injuries were horrific. She couldn’t move much, and when one of the rescuers picked her up, she noticed that one of her eyes had been gouged out. Who would do such a thing with a sound mind? No one would! Because you would still be sensitive to animals if you had your wits about you!

The dog was taken away in the van, practically comatose. In the video below, the rescuer reveals that she could feel his rotting eye. Who would do such a thing and then abandon him in such a state?! It’s unfathomable.

His terrible eye was falling out, and the fabric around it was decaying. Her eye could not be saved in any way. When she arrived at the vet’s office, it was discovered that she had an old jaw fracture and that a rope was securely tied around her torso. It was clear that this was no accident. This dog had been deliberately damaged.

The next step was surgery to remove her eye, but she was not yet strong enough to pull through. So the vet gave her lots of painkillers so she could finally rest. Her new mission was to sleep as much as possible to regain her strength. We recover while we sleep!

The poor girl was unable to eat or drink on her own, but the veterinary professionals were more than willing to help her. She regained her strength and was able to undergo surgery a few days later. Her eye was removed and the area was cleaned by the vet. Her eye socket would soon repair and she would be fine. She is a brave young lady!

She just slept for the first few days after the surgery, but suddenly she was up and about! What a fighter! She sat up by herself and thanked everyone who had helped her. She was now ready to be taken to the rescue center and placed in a foster home. Look at this adorable puppy!

The adorable little beast stayed in the clinic for her medical treatment, and then something amazing happened! She recovered faster than anyone thought she would because she was surrounded by love and attention.

It was possible that she would be placed for adoption as a result.

The little angel was adopted in no time! A nice family had heard about the little warrior and wanted to take her home immediately! They called her “honey”.

Honey is doing great now that she has a new name and a new life. We want to express our gratitude to DAR for all they do! Thanks to you, Honey is still here today! The video below tells Honey’s story. Discretion is recommended. In the video, we see Honey in a depressed mood. But, once again, everything ends with a happy conclusion!

Watch the video below:

Source: YouTube

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