Born Without a Skull, It Was Thought That This Boy Would Not Survive, but Then the Miracle Happened

Apart from a few minor complications, Owen Masterson’s health has remained stable since birth.

Born with a head without a skull, it seems unlikely that Owen Masterson will survive immediately after birth. However, this American boy conquered fate to continue writing the pages of his first book. After 1 year of battling illness, the brave boy has triumphed over death and is celebrating his first birthday.

Having a strange disease, Owen has deformities in the face and skull

Owen was diagnosed with acalvaria – a strange deformity that left him missing bones from his face and skull. From birth, Owen did not have a bone on the top of his head. It also means that the baby’s brain is not protected by the skull, but only the delicate skin that shields it.

Doctors discovered the disease when Owen was still in the womb. At that time, the family was always prepared to take care of the aftermath as soon as the baby was born. However, when they heard Owen’s first cry, both the doctor and his parents burst into unexpected joy.

Having a strange disease, Owen has deformities in the face and skull

After more than 1 day in the hospital, Owen was finally able to return home to Missouri. In addition to ear infections and stomach viruses, the health of this “child hero” has remained stable for 1 year now.

At the moment, doctors also cannot predict how much longer Owen will live. But fortunately, he’s healthy for now. Most of all, Owen’s intense vitality was already a medical marvel.


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