Cancer dog waiting for his owner in tears, time was measured in days for him

This dog stood still and watched the flow of traffic. He kept looking around like he was looking for something. Maybe it stayed here waiting for its owner.

Her neck was still wearing a large necklace. His eyes were sad and full of worry and insecurity . blood in his brother’s mouth and eyes More than that, his hind leg seemed to be hurt He was very gentle, not aggressive with us But he refused to follow us to the car He was looking for a rope to take him with me Sadly he followed me to the car We made him an x-ray of the head, no fractures.

It can be seen that his head has an unusual shape Doctors believe there was an injury Ultrasound also showed intact organs Fortunately the hind leg was only dislocated But his biggest problem was not there The pelvis was atrophied and can be seen clearly.

He was also severely malnourished Everything was so hard, blood was still flowing The doctor also found a tumor on the axillary blade An ear with severe otitis media We have never seen a dog in this condition He had not been cared for for a long time The living conditions made him so sick.

I took him for a little walk after the exam The doctors did everything they could to help him We don’t know when this will end The bleeding was a sign of a malignant tumor in the skull. We were really stuck. What sadness for him when he meets such an owner? The doctor said that his time was counted in days.

I decided to send him home and take medicine. I wanted him to have really happy days . He was like a child who loved to play and run. Veles is his name, he always longs for happiness.

He stayed with me longer than the doctor expected. He had been living in joy and happiness for 4 months. Veles had also felt what love and family are. He went to the rainbow, where there is no more unhappiness

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Source: YouTube

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