Chained Outside Under Heavily Snow, His Sould Is Broken Just Thinking About A Warm Bed

We found Nakia chained under heavily snow on 01 July, not sure how long has he been there until he got found. shivering in cold, he must had nothing to eat there, due to the chain, he couldn’t escape and just stuck there, luckily an electrician found it when checked the network.

He and his wife tried their best to unchain the poor dog, then took it into our vet on that afternoon. there are load of ticks on that little boy. he’s skinny but not really- must be chained recently. his neck has some injured, result of neglected as well. very bad hair condition with some opened wounds.

Nakia got blood transfusion and vaccinated. the next day, he recovered well, now we can see his hair, a bit white and not all black. Nakia was allowed to go home after few days in our vet, he was a bit scared, maybe scared of abandoned again, but after a while he got better. enjoyed walk in his new room. don’t worry Nakia – you’re safe with us now.

Watch video bellow:

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