Chained to the back door for over a month, he tried to escape but was hung upside down on the gate

This poor dog was discovered by us at the back door of a rich family. His name is Mateus. When we found him, the dog was hanging on the back door of a powerful family. The neighbors said that the dog has been hanging here for more than a month.

Rain or shine, the dog was never released. And for a whole month they had not seen anyone give him food. Although they loved Mateus very much, but no one dared to save the dog for afraid of fighting with his family Because he had not eaten or drunk for more than a month, the dog’s body was skinny, just bones and skin.

His limbs were scratched as he fought for hope of escape. But Mateus doesn’t need to worry anymore, we were here to help the dog escape from this place worse than hell. We took the dog to the hospital for a checkup. Aside from being malnourished at level 2, the dog did not suffer from any dangerous diseases.

The doctor said that what Mateus needed most at this moment was strengthening his body and everyone’s sincere love for the dog. After more than 2 months in the hospital, we were able to see Mateus. The dog was different from the day we just brought. Mateus’ weight changed significantly from 12 kg to 20 kg. Mateus was discharged from the hospital to the joy of all members of our team and the doctors.

We took the dog to the shared house to take care of him with the other dogs. We can take care of Mateus, but we also have to spend time rescuing other unfortunate fates. So we hope that anyone who really loves and wants to adopt this lovely dog, please. Contact Us! We will carry out the necessary procedures so that Mateus can come to a new, more spacious and comfortable house than ours. Every living being is born worthy of a full, safe and loving womb. For me, rescuing animals was not just about getting them out of danger, but it also required the healing process, medicines, and even human homes.

All we had was Mateus loved and surrounded by a wonderful family. It was true that love, care and happiness were everywhere.

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