Couple Save All of the Senior Dogs from Shelters That Nobody Else Wants

Chris and Mariesa had no clue how popular Mr. Mo Project would become when they first launched it. Their initial goal was to give care packages to elderly dogs at their neighborhood shelter, but things rapidly got out of hand to the point that they started taking in dogs themselves.

Their network of rescuers reaches as far as Canada and New York, as well as California. They have a straightforward yet difficult task since they don’t want to leave any dogs behind.

After 6 years of their innovative project, the duo has saved over 500 animals, which is an impressive accomplishment given that many of these canines would have been put to death without their efforts.

The concept was inspired by Moses, a sweet dog who had outstayed his welcome at a nearby animal shelter. The two started to think about the lives of other aging dogs who had undoubtedly encountered similar hardships as Moses after spending only four short weeks with Moses before he passed away.

The Mr. Mo initiative’s motto is “the best for the remainder,” which simply implies that they wish to offer old dogs the greatest experience possible for the balance of their life. It’s a beautiful mission.

The duo routinely solicits donations from well-wishers for pricey operations, but on occasion they fall short of their fundraising targets and are forced to cover the expense of the therapy. They jokingly say that if something isn’t nailed down in their home, it may be sold!

However, this just gives you a little insight into the character of these two incredible people who go above and beyond to make sure that senior dogs enjoy a peaceful and comfortable retirement.

Mariesa’s words, which sum up their purpose wonderfully, are what I’ll leave you with: Because it’s our passion and a really fun activity, I think we’re incredibly lucky. We are extraordinarily blessed to be able to do this.

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Source: the dodo

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