Crying Because of Human: Poor Little Puppy’s Tears After Experiencing The Worst of His Life

He had been thrown, smashed, and hit in the head, suffering unimaginable cruelty. The little puppy, only three to four months old, weighed a mere 6kg, a stark indication of his severe malnourishment.

With his hands and feet bound, Olympus had been callously tossed into the cold embrace of the river, left to face the world’s cruelty all alone. Olympus was brought to the attention of the compassionate members of Asociación el Edén, an organization dedicated to the rescue and welfare of animals.

Overwhelmed by the state of the poor creature before them, they named him Olympus, signifying his remarkable strength and resilience. Urgently, Olympus was taken to the veterinary clinic. The veterinarians carefully examined him, their hearts heavy with sorrow at the sight of his pitiable condition.

His head bore a large, festering wound, and his eyes were infected due to the severity of the blow. The elbow of one of his front legs had suffered a similar fate. Incredibly, Olympus tested negative for any diseases, a glimmer of hope in his dark world. Asociación el Edén poured their resources into nursing him back to health, determined to give him the love and care he so desperately needed.

X-rays were performed, revealing that Olympus had managed to escape broken bones and hips. With each passing day, Olympus showed incredible resilience and an unyielding spirit.

His appetite returned, his body grew stronger, and he surprised his caregivers with a burst of energy, barking joyfully in the mornings. He quickly became friends with other animals in the shelter, spreading warmth and comfort wherever he went.

His intelligence shone through, and everyone marveled at his remarkable spirit. He blossomed into a cherished member of the family, filling their lives with joy and laughter.

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