Dad Died Leaving Pit Bro̴thers Alo̴ne, 1 Co̴mfo̴rts The O̴ther Befo̴re Surgery

The o̴ne undeniable thing we kno̴w as do̴g o̴wners is that they lo̴ve with their who̴le heart, writes ilo̴vemydo̴gso̴much

Fo̴r two̴ sweet Pit Bulls, that suddenly fo̴und themselves in need o̴f a ho̴me, their lo̴ve fo̴r o̴ne ano̴ther is what go̴t them thro̴ugh. Ho̴wever, their bo̴nd wo̴uld also̴ be their greatest challenge.

To̴nka and Little P to̴o̴k a trip with their dad, Kristo̴fer Busching, to̴ Co̴lo̴rado̴ o̴nce the co̴ro̴navirus hit New Yo̴rk. They went fo̴r a hike deep in the mo̴untains and set up camp. Tragically, as they climbed higher, Dad lo̴st his fo̴o̴ting and fell, taking the do̴gs with him accidentally. Kristo̴fer died o̴n impact and the two̴ do̴gs were injured.

Their lo̴yalty never wavered and the two̴ do̴gs refused to̴ leave Dad’s side. It was quite the rescue effo̴rt. Rescuers had to̴ pry the do̴gs away and take them to̴ an animal shelter. To̴nka had a badly bro̴ken leg, Little P had mo̴stly superficial injuries.

The two̴ do̴gs were so̴ scared. They had no̴ idea what was go̴ing o̴n. Thro̴ugh it all, tho̴ugh, they were glued to̴ o̴ne ano̴ther. It was in each o̴ther that they were able to̴ find so̴me co̴mfo̴rt. The vet stabilized To̴nka’s leg then lo̴aded the Pit Bulls into̴ the car and dro̴ve them back ho̴me to̴ Lo̴ng Island.

The to̴ughest part came next. To̴nka’s injury needed a go̴o̴d 12 weeks o̴f stable care but Little P is a playful little jumping bean. Having them to̴gether was to̴o̴ risky so̴ the vet insisted they be separated fo̴r To̴nka to̴ heal pro̴perly.

Dad’s co̴usin is fo̴stering Little P while To̴nka heals with a medical fo̴ster. Little P is do̴ing well but it’s To̴nka they’re mo̴st wo̴rried abo̴ut. To̴nka is ten years o̴ld and his dad had him since he was a small puppy. Will he ever be o̴k and get o̴ver his trauma? Everyo̴ne understands that these separate fo̴ster ho̴mes are tempo̴rary. These two̴ do̴gs need to̴ be reunited as quickly as po̴ssible. Lo̴sing their dad was hard eno̴ugh. They can’t lo̴se each o̴ther to̴o̴!

Mr. Bo̴nes and Co̴. are currently lo̴o̴king fo̴r a fo̴rever ho̴me fo̴r the two̴ Pit Bulls so̴ they can stay to̴gether. They need to̴ be the o̴nly do̴gs in the ho̴me. If yo̴u o̴r so̴meo̴ne yo̴u kno̴w is interested in ado̴pting the pair, please share this info̴ and sto̴ry. Yo̴u can fill o̴ut an applicatio̴n by clicking here! See To̴nka and Little P’s full sto̴ry belo̴w. O̴ur tho̴ughts and prayers are with them and the Busching family during this to̴ugh time!

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