Discovering a Concealed Canine: Encountering a Dog with a Huge Neck Tumor amid Construction Turmoil

Last week, Pawtcake got this dog on via their WhatsApp

Dragging a long cable by his neck with a massive tumor. He was terrified and kept hiding behind a panel in a desolate building.

Empty construction, how could he survive when left there. He was most likely abandoned because of his massive tumor.

Rescuer lured him out with food & he went in the trap. He was starving, so they fed him to calm him down.

They took immediately to the Vet clinic. The tumor weighs at least 12 pounds, if not more.

In the next day Vets prepared him for the surgery. His surgery was very easy, he was a brave man.

…Tumor, Bye bye! …

it’s so happy when we see help those innocent lives.

Watch video bellow:

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