Dog adopted by state trooper who saved him from extreme heat

Dog adopted by state trooper who saved him from extreme heat.

A stray dog found in extreme heat on the side of the road by a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer was adopted by the officer.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Pumpy Tudors helped rescue the dog (now named Princess) after being alerted by a good Samaritan and spotting her on the side of an interstate highway. Princess had collapsed and was suffering from the 96 degree Fahrenheit (35.5 degree Celsius) heat.

Tudors immediately went to her side and, using a jug of koolaid he had in the car, made her a bottle of water. She was frightened, but too weak to run away, and grateful to have water. Tudors then brought a chair and sat next to her to try to gain her trust. He also brought an umbrella to give her some shade.

Tennessee Highway Patrol

Kaye Fiorello, the Good Samaritan who first spotted Princess, wrote on Facebook how she alerted Trooper Tudors.

“I was driving down 75 and saw the trooper in the turnpike…checked my speed, fine. A few minutes later, I saw a dog in the ditch by one of the signs for Exit 20. She looked bad. I was in the left lane, heading to an appointment and was conflicted. I decided to head back south and risk a ticket by taking the turnoff.

“I turned around and the policeman was still there! I turned around and the policeman was still there! He rolled down his window and said ‘yes! I told him about the dog and said I didn’t want a ticket, but if I could help that dog, I wouldn’t mind. He simply asked where the dog was and off he went! I followed him and we found her. She was still there, panting like she was going to die.”

Fiorello explains what happened after the two men stopped to help the dog. “The policeman emptied his koolaid jug and made a bowl of water for her. Then he poured a few bottles of water. The dog was afraid of him, but she was frozen with weakness. She sniffed the water, then realized that this kindness was for her! She drank the water in a few minutes! The soldier went to get her some more, along with some Debby. She eyed him warily the whole time. She sniffed his hand, but remained wary.”

“Then he went to get a chair and an umbrella from his vehicle. He told me he would stay here until she trusted him, so he could take her to a shelter or take her home.”

Tudors gained Princess’ trust and was able to lift her to his car, after which he took her to the shelter.

Tennessee Highway Patrol

“Today was #Ruff for #MansBestFriend. Thanks to a #GoodSamaritan, a Trooper was alerted to a dog in distress on this hot summer day. The dog was on the side of the #Interstate75 freeway and was in desperate need of water and shelter from the heat. Now this sweet pup is being well cared for at Cleveland TN Animal Control,” the Tennessee Highway Patrol posted on its Facebook page shortly after the rescue.

Princess has received medical attention and will continue to heal in her new home with Tudor’s family. Fiorello wrote, “Princess will join the Tudors family when she is released from the veterinary hospital! YES! Private Tudors and his family have adopted her!”

She added, “Princess still has a lot of healing to do, but she is a good girl with a strong will to live…”

She also added about Tudor’s action, “I think the fact that he was there at the right time was one of those little messages that remind us of what’s good in our world.”

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