Dog Breaks Down in Tears After Days of Neglect Following Trapped and Lost Leg

This dog lay here with a necrotic paw for days He was very hungry and couldn’t get up After eating a snack we took him to the car He lost a lot of blood and needed surgery This was Tagir, he came early to help us He came to donate blood for the dog that we found Without him, the situation would be very bad.

Special thanks to Tagir and his kind owner. And I gave this hero some nutritious treats. We named him Zangar, he was stable again But his leg could not be saved due to necrosis An amputation of the leg was performed. He was sore and exhausted lying on the ground. I sat with him for a long time until he woke up.


What was happening was breaking my heart The doctor said his leg was caught in a trap And somehow the dog got out and collapsed there But why hasn’t anyone helped him? Otherwise, he would have a different ending He had to take high doses of antibiotics And that made him feel very tired and bored But in return, he had a good appetite and ate a lot We really hope Zangar will recover soon But it’s been a few days.

he still couldn’t get up We did n’t understand what was wrong with him The doctor said it was because he was in shock This was the time he needed me by his side I need to spend more time comforting him Dogs are a sensitive breed Plus he needs a massage every day days And I did everything I could to help him I took him for a walk to make him feel better And those efforts were not in vain He was able to get up and limp Zangar understood everything I thought he had to work hard for his muscles to grow And I moved him to home to take care of him. He is not getting used to his new friends.


Thanks to your efforts, he moves better every day. He loves people very much and is always smiling. He considered this place his home After all the pain and indifference that he is recovering No one remembers the dog with sad eyes anymore Instead there are eyes of hope and happiness Has he ever had an owner?

Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore Because here he has new companions People who really love him and take care of him His leg also healed and only scars remain Look at these beautiful smiles It is the result of our love for each other He is like a child who always wants to be hugged The moments with him are wonderful moments Thank you for being by our side and supporting us Greetings and see you in the next videos

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