Dog Dumped in the Woods Had Given Up All Hope

A dog abandoned in the woods had lost all hope.

Abandoned in the woods, this poor, heartbroken dog was lying on the ground waiting to die. Romanian rescuers found this Caucasian shepherd just in time, when he was literally hours away from dying.

“He had nothing left in him, he was lying motionless on the forest floor,” Jayne of 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK explains in the video. “He had given up and didn’t have the strength to do anything.

The first week, “Keanu” just ate and drank on the spot. He did not have the energy to do anything more. Slowly, Keanu’s mind came back to him and after a few weeks he started to walk. Then he started to play. Everyone who met him at the shelter fell in love with him. Jayne says, “He’s such a gentle soul. He’s a very special dog. He is one of a kind. So it’s no wonder this gentle giant has found a perfect home with a family in the UK.

Seeing him today so confident and strong, it’s hard to imagine that he was so frail and weak when he was rescued. But two years after being rescued, Keanu is running free, happy and surrounded by the love of a wonderful family.

Watch video bellow:


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