Dog Feeders – How to choose the right one for your dog




It is an accepted fact that dogs today are not pets, but family members and companions. Do you want to fold a bowl of food in front of your child, and ask him to swallow it? No, of course not. You’d give her a divider plate if she’s a toddler, so she doesn’t mix all the food on her plate. You would fill a short, sturdy glass like a shot glass, with water, and place it near her plate, so she doesn’t accidentally drop the glass and spill the water.

Similarly, a dog is a unique living being with its own special needs. It is someone who brings a lot of joy into your life, and as such, it deserves all the care and attention. you give to its lifestyle.

So, if you’ve been plunking down a dog bowl full of food in front of your dog, and you expect him to swallow it and not complain, it’s not your fault. Maybe you just don’t know any better. There’s no reason to ignore what’s good for your dog. Read on, and find out what type of dog feeder is right for your dog.

Small dogs and puppies or dogs with short noses can easily eat from a shallow bowl. These are not suitable for long-nosed dogs, however. For a long-nosed dog, buy a narrow, deep dog bowl that allows him to access the food without breaking his nose.

Some dogs like Cocker Spaniels have long, floppy ears that can dip into their food while feeding. If your dog is a long-eared breed, get him a feeder with a narrow opening. This allows him to reach the food while keeping his ears out of the picture.

Large dogs should eat from a raised feeder. A raised feeder is one in which the bowl is placed a few inches above the ground. The distance from the ground can vary depending on the dog, and you should be able to easily find a feeder that is perfect for your large dog.

Feeding in a shallow bowl can cause indigestion in a large dog because the food takes longer to move through the stomach and digestive tract. It also increases the amount of strain on the dog’s neck and shoulder muscles. Older dogs with arthritis also benefit from an elevated dog feeder. Don’t forget to get your senior dog an orthopedic bed or a dog bed with extra padding to cushion his body.

Feeding is an important part of caring for your dog, but how you feed him is just as important. Keep these points in mind when purchasing a feeding bowl that is right for your dog.

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