Dog Got Abandoned When He Got Sick And His Swollen Neck Is Going To Explode

On July 11, we received a heartbreaking report about Panda, locals saw him wandering around here a week ago, his neck is badly swollen, even bigger than his face, apparently he’s sick and his owner calls him she left it there, not sure if she’s eaten for a week, we gave her a medical injection but she’s still exhausted.

Low blood sugar level – bad heart rate. Panda she kept moaning from the pain in her neck, as soon as she got better we took her to get pus, the first time we went well – there will be a few more this week.

Panda has taken a lot of painkillers for now. she’s still afraid, but now she’s allowed us to touch her, medicated bath to prevent infection. The panda is able to eat again for the first time – albeit a little, you can see that the swelling in her neck has already subsided, his open wound has healed too – that’s a really good sign.

The Panda is getting better and better.m, he has stopped whining and sleeps well at night. still thin and at least She needs to gain 10 more kilos, the vet said the pus will go away completely in 2 weeks, depending on his health, we’ll take 2 or 3 a week, as his weak body can’t take too many antibiotics now, but so far He has made very good progress…

Watch video bellow:

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