Dog Has ‘Broken Spirit’ After Arriving At Foster Home, But Slowly Falls in Love With Mom

Angela didn’t realize Griff would be such a complicated dog to take in when she rescued him. But from day one, she realized she was dealing with a dog suffering from more than just a severe skin infection.

Griff had a “broken spirit” and behavioral problems that made him look more like a wild animal than a dog. He had been rescued from a hoarding situation and was terrified when he arrived at his foster home.

By: the dodo

Angela says the first few days were very stressful for both of them. But slowly but surely, Griff came out of his shell and began to trust his foster mom. He also had to get used to going for walks, but today he prefers to be outside and would lie in the sun for hours if he could.

Watch video bellow:

source: the dodo

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