Even Though the Young Girl Has the Physique of a Bodybuilder, Behind It is a Tear-jerking Sad Story

Armani has lymphoma. Benign growths of this type of tumor increase the size of the chest and arms.

The baby’s mother, Chelsey Milby (33 years old), went through a difficult pregnancy and childbirth journey. At 17 weeks pregnant, sonographers were worried about dangerous fluid buildup around the heart – a rare condition that occurs in only 1 in 4,000 births. According to them, the baby could not survive birth.

Chelsey did not think about abortion even though doctors mentioned this. Her family still believes that miracles can happen when their child is born.

The mother shared with the media: “When I learned about my child’s condition, I was very depressed and heartbroken, not understanding what was happening because I had previously given birth to two healthy babies. Every day, I ask God why.”

When Chelsey was pregnant, people often asked if she was having triplets because her belly was so big. At 33 weeks pregnant, Chelsey became heavier with a weight of 91kg, and her health became worse and worse.

The growing fetus made it difficult for Chelsey to breathe and sleep every day, and even had to constantly withdraw liquid from her stomach. Doctors decided to perform an emergency surgery on her to get the baby out.

When Chelsey entered the operating room, the whole family was outside, waiting for a miracle to happen. The baby’s father, Mr. Blake, stood outside the operating room, praying for mother and child.

During the cesarean section, Chesley was very scared, but also very happy when she saw her baby’s face.

“They had to give me something to calm me down during my panic attack. I screamed and cried a lot when I actually saw my baby being born,” Chesley recounted.

Baby Armani was born weighing 5.5kg. After the birth, the family traveled 100 miles to Cincinnati so the baby could be treated at a specialized hospital.

After giving birth, Chelsey suffered from depression. The mother of three children shared: “I had to battle severe postpartum depression; I have to put it aside, try to be the strongest person possible for Armani and my two remaining children.”

Armani will have surgery to remove excess lymph vessels later this year so he can become a normal baby. In the future, your baby will need additional surgeries to remove excess skin. Chesley thought, his child would probably have a normal life.

“We are trying to do everything to give Armani the best life possible, he will say ‘mommy’ soon. Armani is my miracle baby and we love him very much,” the mother confided . White.

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