For 3+ Months, She Has Been Waiting For Her Owner On The Same Spot With A Giant Tumor On Her Back.

Manka’s owner passed away around 3+ months ago, she had still waited in front of her owner previous house, her owner’s son sold the house, but Manka didn’t know it. she waited there during day, at night slept in a corner.

Manka has a huge tumor without proper care for a while… ..her owner’s son ignored Manka until local spotted her, they called us and there is no way we could reject her. we took her into our vet for a X-ray. luckily her tumor is not in the bone, but Manka still need infection control before her surgery.

She was a bit scared in the first few days in our shelter, but quickly adapted to our care, her blood test came back, Manka is ready for surgery. calm down Manka – everything will be OK. luckily it went very well, and Manka recovered amazingly after that. still small tumor on her belly but it’s not critical for now.

Manka after a week since her surgery, totally healthy now., with smile on her face. now ready for her adoption as well.

Watch the Video bellow:

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