He Was Absolutely Sad, Looked Down Into The Ground With No Hope In Life But Miracle Happened

Bruno was found outside my office on April 17th, emaciated with strong signs of long neglect sad and almost losing faith in life. Ultra Control, of internal injury. He also showed that highly likely to get kicked in the stomach before he was abandoned his fingernails were long and dirty, maybe he lived in a basement.

Bruno did not survive Do not eat and do not need immediate medical attention and for the next 72+ hours the blood transfusion luckily his condition improved. Bruno still needed several injections a day a painful development – but let’s fight Bruno he’s started to eat but needs some support has to take a ton of medication every week but most importantly.

His immune system good and by preparing nutritious food recovering luckily Bruno loves it starting to gain weight his appetite has also improved significantly. Bruno left the vet and came to our shelter, his tail started wagging more and more, he went outside for the first time since he was rescued but he was tired and needed some oxygen support, he was still weak but everything else got better.

Bruno’s story went viral and got a lot of support thank God he’s still Bruno There are people fighting for. After 2 weeks, Bruno is now able to run properly on his own now he likes to walk every afternoon and after that, after almost finishing a big bowl of food our Bruno is so cute now he kissed his hero – who saved Bruno.

Watch video bellow:

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