He was burned alive desperate of fear and pain, terrified hide in the corner waiting for his end!

We received a distress call for this puppy who was burned alive and seriously injured in almost his entire body. Desperate, dying of fear and pain… He died by burning. How could a human do this to such a defenseless being? Rescuing him was extremely difficult.

She’s scared and definitely in a lot of pain. She came to the clinic extremely stressed, chewed on the manual, turned livid when we tried to assess her injuries, wanted to bite her to comfort and not further traumatize her. I feel like crying.. Dennis is showing panic just by looking at people!

Day 2: We don’t even want to think about what our little Dennis went through. What makes your treatment even more difficult is that your psychological state is completely shaken, does not bring anyone close, and you are extremely stressed and in complete panic when someone approaches.

Day 3: Dennis’ human panic is heart-wrenching, completely backing away at any approach attempt!

Day 4: We try to get closer to our Dennis but we always respect his time! Dennis needs time with our patient and full of love.

Day 5: We continue to slowly gain Dennis’ trust and confidence, with great care to soften his psychological trauma!

Day 12: Dennis won a toy and his reaction was the best ever! He didn’t even know what it was and was slowly coming to discover the toys…

Day 18: We’re here to tell you with great emotion that our little Dennis has been adopted! He came to us as if he was extremely scared, scared, panicked, dying of pain, as more than half of his body was burned! He couldn’t have had a better home than this, we are so happy for Dennis!

Day 25: This time the human is playing with his brother So cute huh? Day 60: I’m going to drive my sister crazy! Day 62: It’s dinner time! Day 70: I love you more little Dennis! Day 90: Regret of the day! haha I have a pet but it makes a weird noise.

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