He was mistreated long time then dumped on the field look alike was burned! Heartwarming ending!

We received an urgent call from the Waco Animal Shelter, where Sinclar was brought after being found in a field by a Good Samaritan. He has puncture wounds and a horrendous skin issue. We are not sure exactly what it is, as we have never seen skin in such poor condition before. Our crew went and scooped him up to rush him to the emergency hospital.

We are happy to share that Sinclair made it through the night! His injuries are worst than we initially thought. His condition is so severe that the doctors had to put the catheter, which is crucial to supply him with fluids, in his ear. Typically the catheter would be inserted into a vein in one of his limbs, however, his skin condition made it impossible for the doctor to safely insert the needle.

The vet and technicians believe this could have been a deliberate act of abuse. Day 2: We are really happy to share that Sinclair left his kennel for the first time today. He ate all of his breakfast and has a good appetite, which is a good sign! This poor guy is just skin and bones right now. Day 4: Sinclair, Our little is doing great today. He is eating and drinking like a champ! He is finally off IV fluids and is taking his medications well.

We are so thrilled that he is improving; he is finally heading in the right direction health-wise. Day 5: We are excited to share that our little Sinclair keeps improving. He gets more pep in his step every day. He was even giving kisses this morning! Such great news for our little handsome angel! He has a big appetite, has solid stool, and is taking all his medications like a champ. We will be starting hydrotherapy today on his open wounds.

Day 7: Sinclair left the hospital today and was transported to Pearl’s Place to begin his skin treatments. Lisa will be taking great care of him until he is fully recovered. His skin has already improved tremendously since his rescue. Stay tuned for more progress about our little Sinclair. Day 9: Sinclair! Our angel has started to flourish since he arrived at Pearl’s Place.

He is finally coming out of his shell. Sinclair is always wagging his tail, but now he loves to give love to the staff! He is finally able to be a puppy, which he probably never had the chance to before. We are so happy that this sweet boy will never be left in pain again. He is continuing his treatments, medicated baths, and is on a special diet.

Day 12: He has gained 4 pounds since his arrival at Pearl’s Place and now weighs 36 pounds! His wounds have cleaned up nicely and are finally starting to heal. Sinclair is a little lover boy and is a joy to be around. Day 13! Day 16: Sinclair’s hair is starting to grow back, and you can even see the new immature hair starting to come in. Sinclair loves to play and he enjoy his puppy puzzle!

He is finally starting to act like the puppy he was always supposed to be. We also want to say a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everyone following, supporting, donating and loving our little boy! He is finally starting to act like the puppy he was always supposed to be. Day 25: Sinclair! Our little superstar, Sinclair, is getting spoiled at Pearl’s Place! Thankfully, he is a true fighter, and his will to live, heal and recover is beyond any pain or trauma he ever suffered from.

Day 36: Our sweet boy, Sinclair, is thriving now. His hair is growing back and his wonderful personality is starting to shine. Day 45: Sinclar, he is loving life at Pearl’s Place, where he is currently finishing his treatments. He is especially enjoying the nice weather with all his doggie friends! We wanted to thank Lisa from Pearl’s Place for taking such great care of him. Not only she has helped him heal his skin, but she also helped him become the puppy he was always meant to be.

Day 60: Sinclair’s coat is healing nicely and new hair is starting to grow daily. He is now a healthy, happy, and playful puppy, just like he was always supposed to be. Day 90: Today about our little superstar,. Sinclair is now officially adopted! We are so happy that Sinclair will never experience this pain again.

He is thriving with his friend Jessel and is living the good life! Sinclair is the reason why we keep doing what we do. Sinclar now his name is Casper! He seriously has the best life in New York with his best friend …his fur sibling. Sinclar now Casper live a happy life forever in full care and love! Thanks all for your alway support!

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