He was neglected and mistreated for long time to starved behind their yard!

Well, we have no words to express how angry, sad, and sickened we are at the condition this poor dog has been living in.

We found this approximately 3 year old dog attached to a huge chain and so emaciated and dehydrated! How can you see an animal suffering like this and just leave him to die?? We don’t know yet the extent of his condition, but he has a severe infection, some horrifying injuries, Heartworm positive, and has all the tale tale signs of abuse and neglect.

Starving and in pain he sat dying on the end of a chain next to a pot of rice that he was incapable of eating. The sheer torture he experienced was truly a living nightmare.

What was originally thought to be an emaciated and dehydrated starving dog on a chain, rapidly turned into one of the worst cases of cruelty and neglect we have ever seen.

Upon arrival to Urgent care it was discovered that Chevelle is missing half of his tongue, that is swollen full of infection and a large wound on his chest that had become necrotic. The smell of infection and decaying flesh is what you would expect from a dead animal.

How he is still alive is a mystery to us, all unfortunately his prognosis is very guarded as sepsis could set in and steal his innocent life! Meeting sweet sorrowful chevelle at the hospital.

Due to the severity of the wounds and concerns of the chest cavity opening with the spread of the necrotic skin. Dr. B has consulted with the specialists at Kstate and Chevelle is currently being transferred to Manhatten for specialized wound care.

It’s undetermined at this time what caused such severe injuries and is being investigated by the authorities. Keep fighting Chevelle with every you got there is an amazing life ahead of you… You’re a beauty now and beauties don’t give up. We see you. We hear you. We love you. We are so in love with this boy.

He has never been treated kindly in his life! Inside Chevelle mouth after 24 hours of IV fluids, pain meds, and antibiotics the swelling of the tongue was reduced, and thankfully he is able to drink small amounts on his own and swallow food.

Day 2: A glimmer of hope… Chevelle has a strong will to live and it’s a miracle he is still alive. When he first arrived to Urgent care on Sunday it was discovered he was missing nearly half of his tongue, The remainder of his tongue was swollen and severely infected that the possibly of him eating and drinking on his own was slim.

Thankfully after 24 hours of iv fluids, pain medication and antibiotics the swelling was reduced, and Thanks God he was able to take his first drinks and eat very small portions. Unfortunately this was the first obstacle to overcome sadly now we face a whole new set of concerns with the necrotic skin on his chest. He has a long road ahead of him and his condition is still extremely gaurded.

Day 5: Our hearts are breaking as Chevelles skin continues to turn necrotic with the infection ravaging his frail emaciated body. Chevelle weighs 25 lbs and should be 50-60 at a healthy weight! He is barely lifting his head and was only interested in eating a small amount amount this morning.

Keep fighting Chevelle, we promise there is so much more to life than what you are enduring right now.

Day 10: Chevelle was still struggling with elevated blood levels and continued progression of the infection, causing further necrosis moving dangerously close to the bone on his rear flank.

The Drs were extremely concerned if the infectious bacteria’s was able to reach the bone, there would be little chance of survival, his prognosis is extremely guarded, We were nearing the point of no return in the battle to save his life.

Day 18: Chevelle! What a great way to end the day on a little ride with his amazing friend and Dr. Diaz. God is Great! We all love you Chevelle.

Day 38: Chevelle Strong! I believe all things are possible and miracles really do come true!!

Day 70: Chevelle, our sweet miracle boy who beat all the odds, is back home in Wichita after his 2 and 1/2 month stay in Colorado at CSU. The reunion with Chevelle was so sweet and emotional.

The volunteer who initially picked up Chevelle, when we received the urgent message to help him, Welcome home sweet boy.

You are forever loved by so many Chevelle! Look at that beautiful boy!! Sending so much love to you Chevelle, and all of the wonderful people who helped save your life!! He is a very handsome happy boy! He is amazing!!

Thank you for everything y’all did for him!!

Day 120: Thank you for ALL of your support to help us save his life.

He looks so good and we are so happy to have this sweet boy with us today.

Day 160: Chevelle is so grateful to everyone for saving his life so he could have a mother to celebrate today with too! Chevelle survived the unimaginable with months of wound care at CSU and is alive today, Thanks to all of you.

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