He was sinking in the molten asphalt, he helplessly raised his head to call for help

While working on the construction site we heard a cry for help nearby As we got closer we found him trapped in a pile of molten asphalt His body slowly sinking in He tried to lift his head for breath and shouted for help .

In the hot weather of summer in the tropics, he got tired very quickly. We hastily summoned a nearby excavator to assist him. Above the ground He was tired and out of breath, which made us very nervous Then everyone gathered to help him.

We always give him mental support to avoid panicking If he moves a lot, more asphalt sticks to his body and makes his condition much more dangerous Trying to get him off the asphalt after 15 minutes We made it We got it right now everyone will try to help him get rid of all the tar from his body.

He is so miserable his body is shaking with fear Plus the hot weather is making him more tired The next day he was in good health.

There were still asphalt marks on his body, the body will be gone soon the important thing is that he was peaceful yesterday was a bad day for him luckily everything passed and there was no result I hope the person looking at him will not let this happen again thank goodness you are always with him and he for helping.

Watch the Video bellow:

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