He was tied up in a raincoat by the owner himself and left in an unfamiliar street

A man intentionally abandoned his dog and was caught on camera. He tied the dog to a raincoat and led him to the street in front of the house. Initially, he intended to throw the dog away. But after thinking about it for a few minutes, he decided to move to an unfamiliar street and leave the dog there. The dog did not give in to fate, it tried to bite the rope and plastic bag.

He had been wandering and running away whenever a human passed by. According to the pathologist, the dog had been moving only on its front legs for a long time. He was sore and exhausted. At the request of the lawyer, the video from the surveillance camera was seized. A complaint had been filed with the police for this offence, and an investigation was underway.

Criminal cases were to be prosecuted and sentenced. The dog’s name was Cooper. Cooper’s test wasn’t bad. There was no wound on his back. The results of the CT scan showed that Cooper had osteoarthritis and a contracture in the knee. There was a very small gap between the joints and the bones, Cooper had long suffered from arthritis. Due to the pain, he stopped using his hind legs. Over time, the growing joints created holes.

The plan was to give him pain relievers and arthritis pain relievers. He was in pain and would not allow anyone to touch him. Cooper bit and cried when the vet tried to touch his leg. Therefore, the vet removed the inflammation under anesthesia. Treatment should not be rushed, but slow so that you can get off to a smooth start. Cooper required arthrodesis surgery. In joints, bones rub against each other and cartilage wears away.

The price of one operation was about 35,000 rubles. His appetite was normal and little by little he got used to human contact. We were allowed to pick up Cooper during mycoplasma treatment. Cooper’s path was not easy. He and we needed to be patient. It was scary not to have support and help at the most critical moment.

At that time, Cooper remained at the vet until the end of his mycoplasma treatment. It was then tested and analyzed as scheduled. If all was well, then he had to undergo orthopedic surgery. Cooper continued to fight with ease. She tried to eat the meat and smiled at everyone around her. Cooper underwent his first complex orthopedic surgery. Everything was still going normally. After the surgery, the vet gave her a manicure and pedicure as a reward.

Cooper was slowly starting to get up on his hind legs. Before that, Cooper was stressed by the new environment. But after a long time, he got used to it and no longer mistrusted humans. Hopefully Cooper would be healthy so we can make it up to him.

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